Personality Test and Character Test

How it works

Welcome to, the Personality, Character and Friendship Test. Test your own Character and Personality or review Character and Personality of your friends, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues.


BuddyScore is a measure of the Character or Personality and is currently composed of 24 Character and Personality traits.


There are different criteria that are used to rank behavior and morality. These include:

Friendliness, Humor, Reliability, Helpfulness, Honesty, Loyalty, Punctuality, Ambition, Communications, Optimism, Neatness, Creativity, Imagination, Spontaneity, Openness, Flexibility, Perfectionism, Industriousness, Cleverness, Wisdom, Tolerance, Self-confidence, Sex appeal, Energy, Initiative, Considerateness,

Terms of use

It is a purely fictitious test that allows no conclusion to real persons because of the basis of calculation algorithms and variety of names.


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